Fabrics and More

How Does Pre-Orders Work? 

Pre-Orders at Traylor Made launch a minimum of once a month. Everyday during the pre-order, orders are tallied and counted for and placed in the spreadsheet for ordering. I allow for two days after the pre-order closes for any changes to made and for last minute orders (you must contact me through email for these changes or orders to be added). Then the order is placed with the printer, all my printers have an approximate turn around time of 20 business days, the order then ships to me in the States which takes approximately 5 business days. Once the order arrives it can take anywhere from one week to two weeks to confirm all has arrived, no flaws are present, and cutting/shipping to occur. This is where our 6-8 week turn around time comes in to play. I allow for this time as an estimate for you to plan your sewing makes as needed. Although you may notice most ship out by the 5th/6th week. 

What Fabric Bases Do We Offer?

I offer a variety of bases to suit your needs. All of my fabrics are researched for premium quality and maximum life span. I love fabrics and the different bases, each fabric has a different purpose and I have listed what I have found the best projects are for each. I am always offering new fabric bases. I will not limit the bases at which you can purchase the fabrics of, as everyone always has different ideas for designs and project. 

First let's talk cottons/woven fabrics: we offer a few different woven bases that will interest you. 

  • Cotton Poplin: This fabric is best for any quilting project you may have in mind. 
  • Cotton Twill: This would be your option for clothing that requires woven material. Best compared to the woven materials at other popular custom sites 
  • Cotton Satin: great option for those adult clothes, it has a little more drape.
  • Stretch Cotton Satin: This is my absolute favorite option for making woven clothing. The stretch is less than 5% but the material is a but thicker than the above listings, and it is much softer to the touch.

Now let's talk about the other clothing fabric options we have:

  • Cotton Lycra: this is the best option for any stretch pattern. 
  • French Terry: my favorite for sleep pants boys or girls. Absolute favorite pattern is the New Horizon's Portlander Pants. https://newhorizonsdesigns.com/product/portlander-pants/
  • Bullet Fabric: Great for warmer clothing, it has a texture small and delicate.
  • Bamboo Lycra: Best option for anything asking for more drape. For example Harlem pants.
  • Double Brushed Poly: This option has been compared to lalaroe leggings. Soft and warm.
  • Swim: Your option for swimsuits, some people also use this as replacement for PUL. 
  • Sports Performance: Best for your leggings and workout gear. 
  • Sweatshirt: NEW option. Just like your favorite snuggly sweatshirt. Grab this for those projects. 
  • Waffle Knit: I love this for headbands, and baby clothing. Sweet with the perfect waffle texture.

Other fabrics we offer: 

  • PUL: best for cloth diapers. 
  • Double Sided Minky: This is great for blankets that don't need a backing. (NO designs are not printed on both sides, still printed on one side only). 
  • Single Minky: Pick this for blankets that you wish to use a backing with. 
  • Cotton Muslin: Compared to muslin baby blankets.
  • Cotton Canvas: this is for bags, or wallets.